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During your stay at Shanti Lodge, we can help you organise and book a number of activities and transportation tickets. In all four of our locations, we have plenty of information on bus/train time tables and tickets, local tours in and around Thailand. Boat trips to all of the beautiiful islands. Below is a short list of some of the activities we can assist you with. For more information, please refer to the travel guide in your room or ask at reception.


Train, Bus, and Flights
Advance bookings, no standing in lines,  makes sure you get to travel the way you choose.  


Both off the beaten track and the well renowned  destinations.  Turtle Tours has put together the most exciting and informational tours in Bangkok and through out Thailand. 


Book your rooms in advance for hassle free travel.  No need to search for accommodation, carrying heavy bags on arrival.  All recommended hotels and guests houses  are clean, good value and safe.


Thailand has many famous dive site for both beginners and advanced divers. Turtle Tours  has connections in Koh Toa, Similians, Koh Lanta and Phuket.  

All dive agencies have full insurance, with access to decompression chamber,  instructors in English, German and French. Instructor in other languages can be pre-arranged.   

Book through Turtle Tours and pay “Local prices”

Holiday Packages

We can tailor make your holiday package, to suit your own style, time frame, and budget.  Prices vary according to packages

TAXI and MINIVAN Bookings

To Airport, bus stations and train stations.  

Private transport for individuals or group booking to outer Bangkok regions can also be arranged. 


Vietnam, China, India and any other South East Asian countries that require visa before arrival. 

Easy Thai Cards

We have designed  “flash cards” in both Thai and English, to make your travel, more fun, interactive with the locals, less confusion, and for some less frustrating.  These cards are key words most people need when traveling.  We have a compiled this list of word from personal experience of 20 years of traveling in remote areas.  The English phonetic  translations are a great easy way to communicate with the locals, and bring out the famous “Thai smile” 


Maps are availabel at our locations of the local area.

Greater Bangkok, public transport and information on;  shopping, centers,  markets, Temples, and other attractions, make getting around easy.

Phuket Island