How to Find Shanti Forest

Shanti Forest is located in the most northern province of the south, Chumpon province (not to be confused with Chumpon City!), where the land is only 75 kilometer wide in between east and west coast line. In the middle of that area, high up in the mountains and surrounded by rainforest, you can find Shanti Forest

In a beautiful, but rather isolated spot, named PakSong village. Getting there is nevertheless no problem. You can choose to travel either via the west coast through the city of Ranong (by bus or by plane) or via the east coast through Lang Suan (by bus or by train).

From Ranong as well as Lang Suan you can travel by bus to the village of PakSong (municipality Phato). Both Lang Suan as Ranong are 50 kilometer away (45 minutes) from PakSong. From Ranong you can take the bus heading to Lang Suan, and from Lang Suan you can take the bus heading to Ranong. You have to get out at the PakSong intersection. From the PakSong intersection we can transfer you to Shanti Forest for free.

Shanti Forest
PO Box 7, Phato Post Office
Amphur Phato,
Changwat Chumpon

Telephone: +66 (0)8 - 6172 1090.


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