Save the rainforest

Deforestation is a major global problem. Locally it causes droughts and devastating floods as well as damage to the chain of life by the disturbance and extinction of wildlife. It is extremely important to preserve the few forests that are still left, such as the ones in the mountains around Paksong.

But how do you tell a villager to stop cutting trees when this is his only way to earn a living? ShantiForestis trying to preserve the beautiful nature in Paksong area by cherishing it instead of destroying it.

Shanti Forest wants to show the local people how to conserve their forests in the long term. By hosting tourists in a regulated way for example. Or to create additional income for villagers by jobs such as jungle trek guides, shopkeeper, restaurant owner and so on.

Over the last years Shanti Forest has been buying rainforest areas around the lodge. So far we managed to buy and save about 70 ry of rain forest. Shanti Forest hopes to be able to keep doing this to make sure the beautiful rainforest surrounding our lodge will not be cut down for agriculture.

Please ask our staff for more information when you visit us at Shanti Forest.