Bangkok Services

We have a number of in-house facilities and services available to our guests and visitors. Our reception is open from 8am - 8pm and some services are only available during set hours. Please see below for a list what is available.

Check In Time - from 12pm Midday

Guest check-in time is from 12pm midday. If you would like to check in earlier, please contact us for details and to make arrangements. We can also make arrangements for late-night/night time check-in in you are going to arrive after our reception has closed.

Check Out Time - 10am

Guest check out time is 10am. If you would like to arrange for a late check out time, please contact reception as soon as possible to make the necessary arrangements and to check availability.

Free Bike Hire

Shanti Lodge Bangkok ranks amongst one of the most affordable guesthouses in Bangkok and it is likely the only one that offers in-house guests the ability to borrow bicycles for a ride around the area for free. As Shanti Lodge is Family-Oriented, travellers will be happy to know we have both larger and smaller bikes available for parents and children alike. 

Free Travel Planning Assistance

At times, being a traveller in a foreign country is not easy and Traveling in Thailand can be confusing, to say the least. Not knowing and understanding the ins and outs of local areas can waste ones time. Allow us to help you plan your trips around Bangkok so you don’t have to spend hours sitting in taxis or have to pay outrageous prices to get places. We offer this service to our in-house guests free of charge.

Free Cooking Classes (Once a Week)

Thai cuisine is one of the most popular in the world. It is renowned for its heavy emphasis on combining flavours which typically include; Sweet, Sour, Salty, Spicy with a large variety of different herbs and spices. Here at Shanti Lodge Bangkok, we offer free cooking classes where we teach you how to cook some of your favourite Thai dishes. For more information, please contact our reception desk upon check-in.

Vegetarian & Meat Friendly Restaurant

Opening 7am - Closing 10:30pm
Specialising in Vegetarian Healthy food, but with many options of meat for those who prefer.  
Cuisine: Thai, International, Asian, Fusion, Western Vegetarian

The restaurant located in Shanti Lodge Bangkok is well known for its absolutely delicious food. The menu was designed by one of the Co-founders and originally catered to vegetarians but has since added meat options to virtually every dish served. The variety offered is exceptionally international and caters to people with all kinds of tastes. The large selection of options include dishes from countries all around the world.

Thai Massage

If you are amongst some of the many travellers who come through Shanti Lodge Bangkok, you’re likely tired and weary from your journeys and exploring. Our in-house masseuses are well-trained and specialize in; Traditional Thai Massage, Oil Massage, & Herbal Steam Packs, and can help to alleviate some of that wear, tear, pains or strains that might have built up during your voyage here.

Ticket Booking

Choosing a mode of travel can be difficult when you’re unfamiliar with the quality, timeliness, and prices difference between all available options. If you haven’t already pre-planned your travels around Thailand and need assistance with bookings for; Taxis, Tuk-Tuks, Buses, Trains, and Ferries you can contact our reception to do so. 

Sunset Canal Tour

Once known as “Venice of the east” Bangkok is well known for its primary river the Chao Phraya, as well as it’s crisscrossing khlongs (canals) which till this day connects many areas of the city. This sunset canal tour is certainly one of the more romantic ways to spend a late afternoon in Bangkok. Here at Shanti Lodge Bangkok, we can book you a private or group outing on a long-tail boat to cruise along the Chao Phraya River’s canals the way Thai’s used to back in the day. To enjoy this dreamy trip contact our reception and remember to book this service in advance!

Full laundry service

When travelling, dirty clothes and doing laundry is often a major headache. Exploring Thailand with its hot temperatures and high humidity leaves you drenched by the end of the day. Finding a reliable place to wash your clothes isn’t great when you’re short on time and unfamiliar with the local language. Thus, you’ll be glad to hear Shanti Lodge provides our in-house guests with great laundry services at affordable rates.