How to find Shanti Farm

To get deep into the country side away from the well worn path of the tourist you will need to travel as a Thai. We have made this easy for you by having a printable direction list in Thai, in case you "feel" lost. No need to be intimidate by the routes of getting there. It may sound overwhelming to the new traveler but actually it is very easy.

Option 1

Most direct route
Bangkok - Victory Monument- to Latya (minivan - 150bt)
Departs 9am
Latya to farm - (songtaew - local bus -100bt )
Departs Latya 1pm

Option 2

Good if you wish to see the city of Kanchanburi first.
Bangkok to Kanchanburi (bus, train or minivan)
see time table and costs below.
Kanchanburi To Erawan Market (bus).
Market to Farm (taxi/truck)

Leaving is also easy

A songtaew passes the land every morning, drops off at a minivan service, that brings you directly to back end of Khoasan road. Victory Monument.

Minivan: from Victory monument to Latya. Depart 9am - Cost: 150bt p/p

Songtaew (local bus/truck) to the farm door. Depart 1pm - Cost: 100bt p/p

Bus: from Southern bus station to Kanchanburi city. Depart 06.00 -8pm every 1/2 hr. Cost: 100bt

Local bus to Erawan market Depart every hour - Cost: 50bt

Taxi from market to Shanti Farm gates Cost: 350bt (per truck. 1-8 persons)

Slow Train:
from Thonburi railway station to Kanchanaburi Cost: 100bt
Depart: 07:45 Arrive: 10:50
Depart: 13:50 Arrive: 16:30

Local bus to Erawan Market. Depart every hour. Cost: 50bt

Taxi from Market to Shanti Farm gates. Cost: 350bt (per truck. 1-8 persons)

Click here to download instructions in Thai